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The research sector of the ART project arose from the need to test the results of the methodology by working with both quantitative and qualitative suprasensory elements. It seeks to research new possibilities in the field of regenerating productive landscapes and to answer questions that arise along the way. The sector was divided into three main areas:




Development of a low-input agriculture suitable for the tropical climate. It deals with food production compared to other production methodologies.

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Search for local solutions and answers in order to minimize consequences of climate change: droughts and floods; and also to look for solutions that can benefit global issues such as removing carbon from the atmosphere and reducing greenhouse gases.

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These forces are being studied in the context of anthroposophy (spiritual science). We work in the fields of cosmology, the influence of the 7 planets and seeking greater vitality of the food produced.

RESEARCH MISSION: To develop economically viable and climatically sustainable solutions to meet current needs in the field of food production.

VISION OF THE RESEARCH SECTOR: To be a reference in regenerative agriculture research focused on the tropical climate and climate change.

RESEARCH VALUES: (1) Think globally, act locally; (2) work with objectivity; (3) seek the regeneration of the landscape; (4) consider the spiritual science; (5) innovation and openness to the new (6) being free from political or economic interests in the search for answers.


Responsible: Eng Agr Msc Cristiane Guerreiro

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